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Hydraulics and Pneumatics A technician's and engineer's guide (2nd Edition)

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Practically every industrial process requires objects to be moved, manipulated or be subjected to some form of force. This is generally accomplished by means of electrical equipment (such as motors or solenoids), or via devices driven by air (pneumatics) or liquids (hydraulics).

Traditionally, pneumatics and hydraulics are thought to be a mechanical engineer's subject (and are generally taught as such in colleges). In practice, techniques (and, more important, the faultfinding
methodology) tend to be more akin to the ideas used in electronics and process control.

This book has been written by a process control engineer as a guide to the operation of hydraulic and pneumatics systems. It is intended for engineers and technicians who wish to have an insight into the components and operation of a pneumatic or hydraulic system. The mathematical content has been deliberately kept simple with the aim of making the book readable rather than rigorous. It is not, therefore, a design manual and topics such as sizing of pipes and valves have been deliberately omitted.

1. Fundamental principles
2. Hydraulic pumps and pressure regulation
3. Air compressors, air treatment and pressure regulation
4. Control valves
5. Actuators
6. Hydraulic and pneumatic accessories
7. Process control pneumatics
8. Safety, fault-finding and maintenance

Author Details
"Andrew Parr" 
 MSc., CEng., MIEE, MlnstMC

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