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Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines ( Revised 2nd Edition)


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The book is written for an introductory course in fluid mechanics. It provides a well balanced coverage of physical concepts, mathematical operations and practical demonstrations within the scope of the course. It is intended to provide useful foundation of fluid mechanics to all engineering graduates, irrespective of their individual disciplines.

Preface to Revised Second Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
1. introduction an Fundamental Concepts
2. Fluid Statics
3. Kinematics of Fluid
4. Conservation Equations and Analysis of Finite Control Volumes
5. Applications of Equations of Motion and Mechanical Energy
6. Principles of Physical Similarity and Dimensional Analysis
7. Flow of Ideal Fluids
8. Viscous Incompressible Flows
9. Laminar Boundary Layers
10. Turbulent Flow
11. Applications of Viscous Flows Through Pipes
12. Flows With a Free Surface
13. Applications of Unsteady Flows
14. Compressible Flow
15Principles of Fluid machines
16. Compressors, Fans and Blowers
Appendix-A . Physical Properties of Fluids
Appendix-B. Review of Preliminary Concepts in Vectors and Their Operations

Author Details
"S K Som" Department of Mechanical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology  Kharagpur

"G Biswas" Department of Mechanical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology  Kanpur

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