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Mechanical Failure of Materials

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This chapter describes the major causes of mechanical failure of the engineering components or structure. Various level of materials performance is introduced. Failures due to fracture, fatigue, creep, wear and corrosion have been explained in order to understand the common mechanical failure. A case study on the failure analysis of an electrical disconnector has been presented with the
recommendation to prevent the failure.
Keywords Performance level of materials  Mechanical failure  Ductile–brittle fracture  Fracture toughness  Case study.

Chapter 2: Mechanical Failure of Materials
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Mechanical Failure
2.3 Failure Due to Fracture
2.4 Factors Affecting the Fracture of a Material
2.5 Griffith Crack Theory and Fracture Toughness
2.6 Failure Due to Fatigue
2.7 Failure Due to Creep
2.8 Failure Due to Corrosion
2.9 Failure Due to Wear
2.10 Failure Analysis of an Electric Disconnector: Case Study
2.11 Summary
2.12 Tutorial Questions

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