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MS9001EA Gas Turbine Operations Training Manual

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The MS9001E is a single-shaft gas turbine with a 14 combustion, reverse-flow combustion system. The MS9001E gas turbine assembly consists of six major sections or groups:
  • Air inlet
  • Compressor
  • Combustion system
  • turbine
  • Exhaust
  • Support systems
This portion briefly presents a functional description of how the gas turbine operates and the function that each Major combustion gases flow through the gas path stream from inlet to exhaust.

the gas path is the path by which gases flow through the gas turbine from the air inlet through the compressor, Combustion section and turbine, to the turbine, to the turbine exhaust, as illustrated in the flow diagram, Figure 1. The identification and location of individual turbine components, Mentioned in the following description and remaining sections of the book, are shown in relation to the entire turbine assembly in the longitudinal cutaway view, Figure 2.

Tab 1: Gas Turbine Overview
Tab 2: MS6001B Gas Turbine Unit Description
Tab 3: Inlet and Exhaust Systems
Tab 4: Lubricating Oil System
Tab 5: Hydraulic Supply System
Tab 6: Trip Oil System
Tab 7: Gas Fuel System
Tab 8: Cooling and Sealing Air System
Tab 9: Cooling Water System
Tab 10: Compressor Water Wash System
Tab 11: Starting System
Tab 12: Inlet Guide Vane Control System
Tab 13: Heating and Ventilating System
Tab 14: Fire Protection System
Tab 15: SPEEDTRONICTM Mark V Control
Tab 16: Gas Turbine Operation
Tab 17: Reference Drawings

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