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Petroleum Engineering Handbook (Volume-II)

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You hold in your hand the very first Drilling Engineering volume of the SPE Petroleum Engineering Handbook. This volume is intended to provide a good snapshot of the drilling state of the art at the beginning of the 21st century.

Obviously, the history of well drilling goes back for millennia. The history of “scientifi c” oilwell drilling had its beginnings at the end of Word War II. Perhaps one indication was that while Petroleum was first established as a Division of the American Inst. of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers (AIME) in 1922, it was not established as a Branch until 1948. The first SPE reprinted volume of the Petroleum Branch was the 1953 Transactions of the AIME, Petroleum Development and Technology (Vol. 198). This volume had a total of seven papers related to drilling and completion topics, a relatively small proportion of the total of 344 pages.

The first wave of scientifi c drilling was an era of slide rules and hand calculations. Several references give an idea of the technology level of this era; Developments in Petroleum Engineering by Arthur Lubinski (1987) provides a good overview of the mechanical engineering aspects of drilling, while W.F. Rogers’ Composition and Properties of Oil Well Drilling Fluids (first edition)
gives a picture of wellbore hydraulics in 1948. The technology of this era consisted of relatively simple but effective models of very complex phenomena. Former SPE President Claude Hocott once said that any calculation that could not be summarized on a note card would not be useful, and for that era, he was correct. Today, it is diffi cult to appreciate the tedium of evaluating these
simple formulas with a slide rule.

1. Geomechanics Applied to Drilling Engineering
2. Drilling Fluids
3. Fluid Mechanics for Drilling
4. Well Control: Procedures and Principles
5. Introduction to Roller-Cone and Polycrystalline Diamond Drill Bits
6. Directional Drilling
7. Casing Design
8. Introduction to Wellhead Systems
9. Cementing
10. Drilling Problems and Solutions
11. Introduction to Well Planning
12. Underbalanced Drilling
13. Emerging Drilling Technologies
14. Offshore Drilling Units
15. Drilling-Data Acquisition
16. Coiled-Tubing Well Intervention and Drilling Operations
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Author Details
"Larry W. Lake", Editor-in-Chief
U. of Texas at Austin

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