Friday, January 18, 2019

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

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Refrigeration and air conditioning are common around us; they help us to work and live well and in good health. Refrigeration is a necessary element in the production and distribution of many perishable foods, since it reduces microbial growth that otherwise would render the food unusable.

In medicine, refrigeration is used for preservation of drugs, vaccines, and blood. Industries need to remove heat to avoid dangerous situations or maintain product quality. Air conditioning assures comfortable conditions reducing temperature and humidity in our homes and on the working places, and is particularly important in hospitals, commercial building and in transportation.

Refrigeration has important effects on ozone depletion and global warming of our planet. Air conditioners and compressors are also responsible for a large portion of the world’s total energy consumption. For these reasons refrigeration represents a broad and complex subject that required highly specialized and skilled technicians, able to ensure the maintenance and correct repair of these plants, while enhancing their performance, efficiency and environmental safety.

1. Educational and Training Units
2. Build up kits
3. Full Scale Cutaways
4. Design and Understanding Technology
5. Audiovisual Aids
6. Machines
7. Instrumentation
8. Accessories and Complements
9. Consumables
10. Laboratory and Workshop Furniture

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