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Sandstone Petroleum Reservoirs

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This book is about sandstone petroleum reservoirs and the influence of depositional environment on their architecture and performance. It is aimed at the wide range of earth scientists and engineers on whose expertise depends the discovery and production of oil and gas. The often disparate responsibilities of the many who are involved in these efforts mean that each discipline will usually consider a reservoir from a very different perspective. A geophysicist may view it in terms
of acoustic properties or reflection characteristics. A sedimentary petrologist may see it solely as the mineral species that frame individual pores. A reservoir engineer might consider it primarily in terms of its drainage characteristics. Efficient management of the hydrocarbon resources a reservoir contains urgently requires close interaction among these disciplines. The most appropriate way to encourage this interaction is to examine in detail a shared focal point, the hydrocarbon accumulation itself. We hope the examples presented here will strengthen the too-often isolated approaches of exploration and production geologists, geophysicists, and petroleum engineers.

This book is therefore organized around the oil or gas field as a vehicle for understanding their reservoirs and is presented as a series of integrated case studies that demonstrate depositional influences at different scales. At regional and prospect levels, depositional origin is shown to control sand-body orientation, geometry and trap style. At intrareservoir scales, depositional events are documented as the mosaic of porosity and permeability zones and baffles that define the sand body's facies architecture. Within individual flow units, storage and delivery capacities and response to completion and stimulation techniques are strongly influenced by depositional as well as diagenetic texture and mineralogy.

* Introduction
Reservoir Description of Sandstones
* Fluvial Environments
1. Braidplain and Deltaic Reservoir, Prudhoe Bay Field, Alaska.
2. A Braided Fluvial Reservoir, Peco Field, Alberta, Canada
3. Coarse-Grained Meander-Belt Reservoirs, Rocky Ridge Field, North Dakota
4. Meander-Belt Reservoir Geology, Mid-Dip Thscaloosa, Little Creek Field, Mississippi
5. Fluviodeltaic Reservoir, South Belridge Field, San Joaquin Valley, California.
* Desert Environments
6. Reservoir Properties of the Desert Shattuck Member, Caprock Field, New Mexico.
7. Desert Environments and Petroleum Geology of the Norphlet Formation, Hatter's Pond Field, Alabama.
8. A Giant Carbon Dioxide Accumulation in the Norphlet Formation, Pisgah Anticline, Mississippi.
9. Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Quality, Eolian Norphlet Formation, South State Line Field, Mississippi.
* Deltaic Environments
10. Wave-Dominated Deltaic Reservoirs of the Brent Group, Northwest Hutton Field, North Sea.
11. Deltaic Depositional Controls on Clinton Sandstone Reservoirs, Senecaville Gas Field, Guernsey County, Ohio.
12. Deltaic Reservoirs of the Cafio Limon Field, Colombia, South America.
* Estuarine/Barrier Environments
13. Fluvial-Estuarine Valley Fill at the Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Unconformity, Main Consolidated Field, Illinois.
14. Continuity and Performance of an Estuarine Reservoir, Crystal Field, Alberta, Canada.
15. Wave-Influenced Estuarine Sand Body, Senlac Heavy Oil Pool, Saskatchewan, Canada.
16. Flood-Tidal Delta Reservoirs, Medora-Dickinson Trend, North Dakota.
* Shelf Environments
17. Shelf and Shoreface Reservoirs, Tom Walsh-Owen Field, Texas.
18. Reservoir Characteristics of Nearshore and Shelf Sandstones in the Jurassic Smackover Formation, Thomasville Field, Mississippi.
* Turbidite Environments
19. Channel-Fill Turbidite Reservoir, Yowlumne Field, California.
20. Geological Modeling of a Turbidite Reservoir, Forties Field, North Sea.
21. Reservoir Description of a Miocene Thrbidite Sandstone, Midway-Sunset Field, California.
22. Deep-Sea-Fan Channel-Levee Complexes, Arbuckle Field, Sacramento Basin, California.
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"John H. Barwis, John"

"G. McPherson"

"Joseph R.I Studlick"

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