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Standard Handbook of Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering (Second Edition)

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Several objectives guided the preparation of this second edition of the Standard Handbook of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. As in the first edition, the first objective in this edition was to continue the effort to create for the worldwide petroleum and natural gas exploration and production industries an engineering handbook written in the spirit of the classic handbooks of the other important engineering disciplines. This new edition reflects the importance of these industries to the modern world economies and the importance of the engineers and technicians that serve these

The second objective of this edition was to utilize, nearly exclusively, practicing engineers in industry to carry out the reviews, revisions, and any re-writes of first edition material for the new second edition. The third objective was, of course, to update the information of the old edition and to
make the new edition more SI friendly. The fourth objective was to unite the previous two volumes of the first edition into a single volume that could be available in both book and CD form. The fifth and final objective of the handbook was to maintain and enhance the first edition objective of having
a publication that could be read and understood by any up-to-date engineer or technician, regardless of discipline. The initial chapters of the handbook set the tone by informing the reader of the common language and notation all engineering disciplines utilize. This common language and notation is used throughout the handbook (in nearly all cases consistent with Society of Petroleum Engineers publication practices). The 75 contributing authors have tried to avoid the jargon that has crept into petroleum engineering literature over the past few decades.

Contributing Authors
1. Mathematics
2. General Engineering and Science
3. Auxiliary Equipment
4. Drilling and Well Completions
5. Reservoir Engineering
6. Production Engineering
7. Petroleum Economic Evaluation
Appendix: Units, Dimensions and Conversion Factors

Author Details
"William C. Lyons, Ph.D., P.E."

"Gary J. Plisga, B.S."

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