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Stresses in Aircraft and Shell Structures

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Air craft engineering is generally acknowledged to have given a great impetus to research in structures. much of this research work, however, is available only in the from of original papers, a form which renders the results rather ineffective. This book represents ab attempt to correlate and unify a certain amount of work and to make it more effective by making it readily accessible.

The aim of the work may be described most concisely as: one step beyond Mc/1 and T/2A in the simplest manner possible. The elementary theories continue to bee the foundation of stress analysis, but corrections are often required even for simple box beams, and major additions to the theory are necessary to deal, for instance, with stress around cutouts.
Symbols ad Abbreviation
Sign Conventions
Part-1: Methods of Analysis
Chapter 1: Prellminary topics
Chapter 2: Elementary theories
Chapter 3: Diagonal Tension
Chapter 4: Shear Leg
Chapter 5: Two-spar Structures
Chapter 6: Four -Flange Shells Under Torsion (With Restrained Warping
Chapter 7: Multistringer Single-cell Shells under Torsion (With Restrained Warping
Chapter 8: Cutouts in Plane Panels and Box Beams
Chapter 9: Cutouts in Circular Cylinders
Part-2: Experimental Evidence
Chapter 10: Tests and their Evaluation
Chapter 11: Verification of Elementary theories
Chapter 12: Diagonal-tension Tests
Chapter 13: Shear -log Tests
Chapter 14: Torsion-box Tests
Chapter 15: Cutout Tests

Author Details
" Paul Kuhn,B.S. (Ae.E.)"
Assistant Chief, Structures Research Division
national Advisory Committee for Aeronautics

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