Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Total Architectural Engineering Calculations in One Excel Sheet

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This Spreadsheet gives a number of basic Arvirectureal Engineering (AE) Calculations to allow initial quicks estimates of loads and sizes for some of the Major systems. It is a work in progress and will be updated and corrected. It is not exact and should not be used for a building after initial estimates. Use the professional -level Programs for that Purpose.

The Calculation Column shows how the cell was calculated using named variables - it should help you understand the logic. in most cases it's just the application of basic math and physics although a few Formulae are empirically derived. The hard part is often the units - Which are carefully Shown.

Be sure to look at the "Comments" - Usually in the "input" Column ore the description column on this page - you see them by Putting the Cursor over any cell that has a small red triangle in the upper Right corner. They will explain Meanings ad give typical values.

-To use it click on the Hyperlink to the calculation you're interested in (you may make suggestions for future ones on the "Future Work" Sheet).

-in Each worksheet the white boxes are ones you're intended to modify - "reasonable" default values are provided.

-You may "unprotect" the workbook and modify anything you wish.

-The "Return to Index" button will bring you back to this sheet.

- Note the "Grouping" indicators at the top of each sheet. By Clicking on the "1"or the horizontal line you may hide the calculations- Provably better for Printing.

users are urged to make corrections and additions and send the revised sheet back to J. Mitchell.

1. Architecture Calculations
2. Structures Calculations
3. HVAC Calculations
4. Lighting Calculations
5. Electrical Calculations
6. Plumbing Calculations
7. Acoustic Calculations
8. Conversion Factors Used in This Spreadsheet
9. Properties Used in Spreadsheet
10. Contributors
11. Future Work
12.Revision History

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