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A Process Model For HVAC Systems Design For Advanced Energy Retrofit Projects

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Buildings consume approximately 40% of the total energy in the United States. The urgent need to improve energy efficiency in buildings has been widely recognized. To enable the design of more energy efficient buildings, digital analysis and simulation tools can be implemented into more integrated design processes. A challenge to the successful implementation of an integrated design process supported by digital tools is the clear definition of the processes and information exchanges points in the process.

To address this problem, this research defines a design process model for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems for energy retrofit projects. The final process model contains key activities in the retrofit project HVAC system design process that can be implemented in the integrated design and delivery approach, and identifies key information requirements and outputs for different activities. The model was developed and validated through literature analysis, interviews, focus group discussions, and case studies.

This process model can serve as a reference for project teams to collaboratively identify key information exchanges in the process used on a project, thereby allowing the team to clearly define the content of the exchanges. The process model can also support decisions which are required as the design team plans the overall process for design execution. Finally, the process model identifies important information exchanges which should be more clearly documented through industry standards.

List of Figures
List of Tables
1. Introduction

2. Research Methodology
3. Literature Review
4. Process Model Development
5. Process Map Validation and Improvement
6. The Integrated HVAC Design Process Model
7. Conclusion
Appendix A: Integrated HVAC System Design Process Model
Appendix B: Process Model Description
Appendix C: Case Study and Workshop Maps

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"Yifan Liu"

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