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An Introduction to Network Programming with Java (3rd Edition)

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It is now 7 years since I wrote the second edition of An Introduction to Network Programming with Java and so, when approached to produce a third edition, I felt that it was an appropriate time to agree to do so (possibly rather later than it should have been). One of the very fi rst things that I did after being approached was examined the literature to fi nd out what texts had been produced in the Java/network pro gramming area in the interim period, and so what the current state of the competition was. (Though I had had a strong interest in this area for a considerable number of years, I had also been involved in other areas of software development, of course, and hadn’t had cause to examine the literature in this area for some time.) To my great surprise, I found that virtually nothing of any consequence had been produced in this area during those years! Of course, this was a very welcome surprise and provided further impetus to go ahead with the project.

1. Basic Concepts, Protocols and Terminology
2. Starting Network Programming in Java
3. Multithreading and Multiplexing
4. File Handling
5. Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
7. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
8. Servlets
9. JavaServer Pages (JSPs)
10. JavaBeans
11. Multimedia
12. Applets
Appendix: Structured Query Language (SQL)

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"Jan Graba"

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