Analog Electronics (Hand Written Note's)

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Content Covered:-
* Diodes: Applications
* Introduction to Electronics
* Temperature Withstanding Capability
*  Diffusion Current
* Graphical Analysis
*  Diode Applications
* Shunt Clippers
* Series Clippers
*  Diode as a Digital Logic Gate
* Diode as an Analog gate
* Mathematical Analysis
* Filter Design
* Zener Voltage regulator
* B.J.T Conditions
* B.J.F Consolation
*  Testing of BJT in Different Operating Regions
* Single Supply design in BJT to Operate in Active Region
* DC Load Line And Operating Point(Q)
* B Deployment Problem
* Voltage Divider Bias
* CB Amplifier in High Frequency 
* Common Collector in impedance matching
* Small s/g Analysis of BJT
* Expression for Hybrid IT Parameters
* -3 DB Concept 
* Practical Amplifier Designs
* Block Diagram analysis
* Testing of differential amplifier for various i/p
* Design Problems in Differential amplifier
* Applications of Op-Amp: Linear Applications
* Non Linear Applications
* F.E.T Field Effect Transistor
* Mosfet
* Oscillators

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