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Building Oracle XML Applications

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This book is a hands-on, practical guide that teaches you the nuts and bolts of XML and the family of Internet standards related to it and shows how to exploit XML with your Oracle database using Java, PL/SQL, and declarative techniques. It’s a book for Oracle developers by an Oracle developer who has lived the technology at Oracle Corporation for over ten years and has directly catalyzed the company’s XML technology direction and implementation. As you read this book, I hope you will come to appreciate the wide variety of tools Oracle provides to enable you to combine the best of XML with the best of Oracle to build flexible, database-powered applications for the Web.

This book abounds with tested, commented, and fully explained examples because—in the unforgettable words of a high school mentor of mine—“you only get good at something by working through an ungodly number of problems." The examples include a number of helper libraries and utilities that will serve to jump-start your own Oracle XML development projects (see “About the Examples" later in this Preface for details).

Audience for This Book
Which Platform and Version?
Structure of This Book
About the Examples
About the CD-ROM
Conventions Used in This Book
Comments and Questions
I: XML Basics
1. Introduction to XML
2. Working with XML
II: Oracle XML Fundamentals
3. Combining XML and Oracle
4. Using JDeveloper for XML Development
5. Processing XML with PL/SQL
6. Processing XML with Java
7. Transforming XML with XSLT
8. Publishing Data with XSQL Pages
9. XSLT Beyond the Basics
10. Generating Datagrams with PL/SQL
11. Generating Datagrams with Java
12. Storing XML Datagrams
13. Searching XML with interMedia
14. Advanced XML Loading Techniques
III: Oracle XML Applications
15. Using XSQL Pages as a Publishing Framework
16. Extending XSQL and XSLT with Java
17. XSLT-Powered Portals and Applications
IV: Appendixes
A. XML Helper Packages
B. Installing the Oracle XSQL Servlet
C. Conceptual Map to the XML Family
D. Quick References

Author Details
"Steve Muench"

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