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Combined Cycle Systems For the Utility Industry

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Power plants can be defined by functional type (e.g. base load, peak load, or combined cycle). Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Base load power plants have the lowest operating cost and generate power most in any given year. There are several different types of base load power plants. The resources available typically determine the type of base load plant used to generate power. Coal and nuclear power plants are the primary types of base load power plants used in the Mid-West United States.

There are four types of base load power plants:

o High efficient combined cycle plants fueled by natural gas
o Nuclear Power Plants
o Conventional steam power plants fueled primarily by coal
o Hydropower plants

Peak load power plants are simple cycle gas turbines that have the highest operating cost but are the cheapest to build. They are operated infrequently and are used to meet peak electricity demands in period of high use and are primarily fueled with natural gas or oil.

1. Introduction
2. Basic Power Plant
3. Gas Turbines Basics
4. Heat Recovery Steam Generator
5. Steam Turbine
6. Generators
7. Controls
8. Ancillary Equipment
9. Plant Operation
10. Plant Arrangement
11. Installation
12. Future Load Expansion
13. Author’s Experience
14. Conclusions
15. References 

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