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Computer Networks Class Notes (Hand Written Note Book)

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Versions of Protocols
3. FTP
4. NTP
5. SNMP 
Types of Communication
1. Unicast of (One to One)
2. Multicast (One to many)
3. Broadcast (one to all)
4. Anycast (one to one  & one to all)
Advantages of Layering System
OSI Reference Moclel
Sliding window Protocol
Different Types of Delays
1. Queing Delay
2. Processing Delay
3. Transmission Delay
4. Propagation Delay
Case Study for Cumulative
Piggy backing (web)
Different Type of errors
Characteristics of Stop & Wait
Sliding Window Protocol
1. Go-back N Characteristics
2. Corrupted Data packets
3. Adjusting window Size
4. Selective Repeat Protocols
5. Stop wait Formulae
 LAN Technologies
1. Types of LAN'S
2.  LAN Components
Main Layers
Segmentation & Re-assembly
Media Access Control (MAC)
Multiple Access
Collision Detection
Back Off Algorithm
Case Study
Limitation of Back off Algorithm
Source & Destination Address
Problems with Token ring
AC-Access Control 
Modes of Operation
Way we Call Networks as TCP/IP Networks
Byte-oriented (TCP) /  Stream Oriented
TCP Operations
Denial of service attack
TCP Connection Management
State Transition Diagram
User Datagram  Protocol 
Time To live(TTL)
Minimum Frame Size

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