Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Design of A Two Stage Epicyclic Gearbox in Sintered Metal Gears

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This report is the result of our master’s thesis project. Gears have been driving components in mechanical industry and several machinery successes can be levied upon the advancement in design of gears. Gear design and manufacturing is conventionally known to be a machining operation. With advancement in sintering process gears can be manufactured to a greater degree of accuracy and at costs that save tremendous. Though a few sectors like automobiles etc use this production method for manufacturing of gears but the vital part is the design convenience and production consistency that is still unknown to most of the industrial manufacturer. The preceding work brings information and advantages of using Sintering process for gears.

Miniature gearboxes have been used in various materials like plastics in several machines like printers, copiers etc. Application of gearboxes in epicyclic type and miniature structure is a difficult design work when machining is involved. The same when encompassed with Sintered manufacturing process makes design easier and less time consuming.

1. Introduction
2. Powder Metallurgy Process
3. AGMA Standards
4. Design of Gearbox
5. Other design requirements
6. Conclusions and recommendations
7. Drawings
List of references

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