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Dudley’s: Handbook of Practical Gear Design and Manufacture (2nd Edition)

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This publication is dedicated to engineers who work in the field of gears and gear production.

Gearing is a specific area of mechanical engineering. Gearing encompasses gear design, production, inspection, and implementation, as well as some other supplementary subjects. This book is primarily focused on gear design and gear production. This book is a revised, updated, and enlarged version of the earlier published book by Darle W. Dudley entitled Handbook of Practical Gear Design. The book was first published by McGraw-Hill Book Company in 1984, and by CRC Press ten years later in 1994. Both editions originated from an earlier book by the same author entitled Practical Gear Design, which was published by McGraw-Hill Book Company in 1954. The last edition (1984/1994) of the Gear Handbook is highly recognized by the gear community worldwide. As time passes new knowledge is accumulated by the gear industry, and along with that some of the experiences summarized in the Gear Handbook have become obsolete. Obsolete data should be removed from the book, while novel data in the field should be added. Keeping in mind the importance of the Gear Handbook for practical gear engineers and practitioners, I appreciated and supported the attempt undertaken by CRC Press to revise, update, and enlarge the 1994 edition of the Handbook.

1. Gear Design Trends
2. Gear Types and Nomenclature
3. Gear Tooth Design
4. Preliminary Design Considerations
5. Design Formulas
6. Gear Materials
7. Gear-Manufacturing Methods
8. Design of Tools to Make Gear Teeth
9. Kinds and Causes of Gear Failures
10. Special Design Problems
11. Gear Reactions and Mountings
12. Gear Vibration
Appendix A: Evolution of Gear Art
Appendix B: Complementary Material
Appendix C: Numerical Data Tables
Appendix D: On the Concept of Novikov Gearing and the Inadequacy of the Terms “Wildhaber–Novikov Gearing” and “W–N Gearing”

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"Stephen P. Radzevich"

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