Saturday, February 9, 2019

Electric Daisy Carnival-EDC (Hand Written Notebook)

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Content Covered:-
Lecture-1: Temperature (i n k)
Lecture-2: Leakage Current (Io)
Lecture-3: Diffusion & Diffusion Current
Lecture-4: Doping
Lecture-5: Note
Lecture-6: Effect of temperature on the conductivity of extrinsic Semiconductor
Lecture-7: Fermi level in n-type semiconductor
Lecture-8: Hall Effect
Lecture-9: Intrinsic Excitation
Lecture-10: Diode
Lecture-11: Ideal Diode
Lecture-12: Ques
Lecture-13: Light Emitting Diode
Lecture-14: Tunnel Diode
Lecture-15: Zener Diode
Lecture-17: Equation for Emitter Current (Ie)
Lecture-18: VI Characteristics of SCR
Lecture-19: Step(11) Keeping Vgs Constant and Varying VDs
Lecture-20: Mosfet

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