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Electric Motors in the Home Workshop (Workshop Practice)

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Electric Motors, No 16 in the Nexus Special Interests Workshop Practice Series, was written to provide basic information on the very wide range of motors and related devices that could be used in the home workshop environment. It has been widely read and is now in its fifth printing. 

As a matter of general interest it also included some advice on how to utilise motors from discarded equipment and some simple methods of operating industrial three-phase motors from domestic single-phase supplies. It is clear from subsequent published and unpublished correspondence that these latter two subjects are of great interest to the model engineering community and there is a need for more comprehensive and detailed information.

Foreword - Safety
Chapter 1:
Single-phase induction motors
Chapter 2:
Three-phase induction motors
Chapter 3:
Commutator motors
Chapter 4:
Overhaul and reconditioning
Chapter 5:
Speed control
Chapter 6:
Mobile power
Chapter 7:
Battery power supplies
Chapter 8:
Associated components and test gear
Chapter 9:
Some typical workshop applications
Appendix 1. Converting three-terminal three-phase motors

Appendix 2. Motor power rating
Appendix 3. Demagnetisation and remagnetisation
Appendix 4. Motor terminology
Appendix 5. Component supplier

Author Details
"Jim Cox"

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