Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Electric Motors (Workshop Practice)

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This book deals with principles and characteristics of the wide range of motor types likely to be useful in small engineering workshop applications. It also covers matters such as speed control, electric braking, generators, installation and safety aspects - everything, in fact, of practical value to the small workshop user. In the years since the publication of the first edition, the book has become a well-established reference source for users to dip into when more information is needed on how motors behave both in standard usage and also in less common applications. In this time a lot has happened in the field of motor design. This second edition now contains updated information covering both these later developments in motor types and their control systems. A major section is devoted to the characteristics and installation of Variable Frequency Drive units (VFDs). It also covers the operating differences between North American and European power systems.

Foreword - Safety
Chapter 1: A few basics
Chapter 2: Induction motors
Chapter3: Operating three phase machines from single phase supplies
Chapter4: Commutator motors
Chapter5: Stepper motors
Chapter6: Speed control and electric braking
Chapter7: Generators
Chapter8: Installation and protection
Chapter9: Identifying and using scrap motors
Chapter 10: Test equipment

Author Details
"Jim Cox"

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