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Electrical Installation Calculations VOLUME-2 (6th Edition)

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Mathematics forms the essential foundation of electrical installation work. Without applying mathematical functions we would be unable to work out the size of a room which needs lighting or heating, the size and/or the number of the lights or heaters themselves, the number and/or the strength of the fixings required, or the size of the cables supplying them. We would be unable to accurately establish the rating of the fuse or circuit breaker needed to protect the circuits, or predict the necessary test results when testing the installation. Like it or not you will need to be able to carry out mathematics if you want to be an efficient and skilled electrician.

This book will show you how to perform the maths you will need to be a proficient electrician. It concentrates on the electronic calculator methods you would use in class and in the workplace. The book does not require you to have a deep understanding of how the mathematical calculations are performed; you are taken through each topic step by step, then you are given the opportunity yourself to carry out exercises at the end of each chapter. Throughout the book useful references are made to Amendment 2:2004 BS 7671 Requirements for Electrical Regulations and the IEE On-Site Guide.

1. Preface
2. Use of calculators
3. Simple transposition of formulae
4. SI units
5. Conductor colour identification
6. Alternating current circuit calculations
7. a.c. waveform and phasor representation
8. Parallel circuits involving resistance, inductance and capacitance
9. Power factor improvement
10. Three-phase circuit calculations
11. Voltmeters and ammeters: changing the use and extending the range
12. Alternating current motors
13. Application of diversity factors
14. Cable selection
15. Lighting calculations
16. Mechanics
17. Miscellaneous examples
18. Formulae
19. Glossary
20. Answers

Author Details
"A. J. Watkins"

"Chris Kitcher"

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