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Electronic Circuits (Objective Questions with Answers)

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1. Which of the following amplifier is considered linear?
A. Class A
B. Class B
C. Class C
D. Class D 

2. The Voltage gain of a common collector configuration is
A. Unity
B. Zero
C. Very High
D. Moderate

3. A two-transistor class B power amplifier is commonly called
A. Push-pull amplifier
B. Dual amplifier
C. Symmetrical amplifier
D. Differential amplifier

4. If a transistor is operated in such a way that output current flows for 160 degrees of the input signal, then it is__________operation.
A. Class A
B. Class C
C. Class B
D. Class AB

5. Which coupling has the best frequency response?
A. Direct
C. Transformer
D. Transistor

6. A transistor amplifier has high output impedance because
A. Emitter is heavily doped
B. Collector is winder than emitter or base
C.  Collector has reverse bias
D. Emitter has forward bias

7. Which of the following is considered an amplifier figure of merit?
A. Gain-bandwidth product
B. Beta (𝜷)
C. Alpha (𝜶)
D. Temperature

8. What piece of equipment in an oscilloscope is used to indicate pulse condition in a Digital logic circuit?
A. probe
B. Test prods
C. Connector
D. Logic Probe

9. What linear circuit compares two input signal ans provides a  digital level output Depending on the relationship of the input signals?
A. Comaparator
B. Controller
C. Compressor
D. Switch

10. What type of coupling is generally used in power amplifiers?
A. Transformer
B. Direct
D. Inductive 

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