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Studies of the lubrication of machine elements have been undertaken at the University of Leeds for over a century. Coincidentally the automobile has been part of our lives for a similar period. The ability to analyse in some depth the important frictional components of the internal combustion engine was significantly enhanced by the advent of the digital computer which became generally available around 1960, a few years before the word Tribology was coined.

In the last thirty years lubrication analysts and experimentalists have turned their attention successively to examination of engine bearings, piston assemblies and valve trains. The energy crisis of the mid-1970s stimulated an increased awareness of the scarcity of our natural resources for power generation and the need for their efficient use. Concurrently, there has been a growing recognition of the fragility of our environment and associated pressures through the green lobby to reduce emissions of noxious oxides, particulates and greenhouse gases. Through fuel consumption and exhaust considerations the automobile is a significant factor on a global scale in both these areas.

Chapter 1: Short journal bearing lubrication theory
Chapter 2: Elastohydrodynamic lubrication theory
Chapter 3: Dry and boundary lubricated sliding friction and wear for engine component materials 
Chapter 4: Lubrication regimes and the internal combustion engine 
Chapter 5: Engine bearings: Background and lubrication analysis
Chapter 6: Engine bearing design: Design studies, wider aspects and future developments
Chapter 7: Valve train - Cam and follower: Background and lubrication analysis 
Chapter 8: Valve trains - Design studies, wider aspects and future 
Chapter 9: Piston assemblies; Background and lubrication analysis 
Chapter 10: Analysis of the piston assembly, bore distortion and future developments
Chapter 11: Solid materials
Chapter 12: Engine lubricants 

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"C.M. Taylor" Institute of Tribology Department of Mechanical Engineering The University of Leeds Leeds, U.K. 

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