Thursday, February 14, 2019

Gears and Gear Drives - By "Damir Jelaska" (PDF)

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Since gear drives operate with a power efficiency significantly higher than any other mechanical drive, or any electrical, hydraulical or pneumatical power transmission, they have the widest use in transforming rotary motion from the prime mover to the actuator, and their importance is growing day by day. Although efficiency is not the only criterion for choosing the type of transmission, the gear drive, due to its robustness and operational reliability, presents an inevitable component of most mechanical engineering systems. Gear drives are known to be highly demanding in design, manufacture, control and maintenance.

1. Introduction
2. Geometry of Cylindrical Gears
3. Integrity of Gears
4. Elements of Cylindrical Gear Drive Design
5. Bevel Gears
6. Planetary Gear Trains
7. Worm Gear Drives
Further Reading

Author Details
"Damir Jelaska"
 University of Split, Croatia

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