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Gears & Gear Cutting (Workshop Practice Series 17)

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Gearing, if studied deeply, can be - in fact is - a complicated and highly technical subject on which many books have been written, often by people who have spent their entire academic lives studying the many problems involved. This is not one ofthose books; this is not for the technical student who is on his way to a Ph.D in engineering but for the average man who, in his back garden workshop, enjoys model-making or just tinkering about with mechanisms and may wish to use a pair of gears in some project. Rather than modifying or impairing his design by trying to work-in commercial gears, he may wish to produce his own. But often gears do represent a threshold over which the amateur, through lack of information, is hesitant to step and I have written this book with the express purpose of encouraging these people to 'have a go' and to show them that the design and manufacture of a pair of gears is well within their capacity. No special knowledge is needed, just plain commonsense, which is never lacking with model engineers.

Chapter 1: Basics
Chapter 2: Tooth form
Chapter 3: Gear tooth sizes
Chapter 4: Rack and pinion gears
Chapter 5: Bevel wheels
Chapter 6: Worm gears
Chapter 7: Definitions and formulae
Chapter 8: Dividing heads
Chapter 9: Cutting spur gears
Chapter 10: Cutting worms and wormwheels
Chapter 11: Cutting bevel gears
Chapter 12: Making gear cutters

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"Ivan Law"

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