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Description of Heat Recovery Air Handling Units Calculation

1- This spreadsheet calculates air flow and battery capaciry for Air Handling Units.
2- The data used corresponds to location in Turkey. In the example, data for the city of Bursa has been used. You can change data according to your city, in Data page.
3- You need to to change cells which are only yellow background.

Information About Yellow Background Cells
City Name : The data used corresponds to location in Turkey, and you can only select Turkey Cities. İf you want to change values, you need to change on Data page. 

Project Altitude above sea level : Altitude above sea level for City was measured. But project altitude may be different. For this, you can add city altitude or project altitude to this cell. 

Room Heat Loss, Winter : A decrease in the amount of heat contained in a space, resulting from heat flow through walls, windows, roof and other building surfaces and from exfiltration of warm air. 

Room Effecitve Sensible Heat Gain, Summer : Sensible Heat added to a space due to transmitted and absorbed solar energy. And you calculate with another program, as HAP, Trrace 700. 

Room Effecitve Latent Heat Gain, Summer : Latent Heat added to a space due to transmitted and absorbed solar energy. And you calculate with another program, as HAP, Trrace 700. 

Room Dry Bulb Temperature, Winter : Enter the desired winter temperature for the room. Usually (20C - 22 C) 

Room Dry Bulb Temperature, Summer : Enter the desired summer temperature for the room. (24 C - 26 C) 

Room Relative Humidty, (Wimter and Summer) : Enter the desired relative humidty for the room. (%50 - %55) 

Air Handling Units By-Pass Ratio : İt is passing through the air conditioner and remaining unchanged, of air amount percentage. 

Heating and Cooling Battery Safety Value : Battery safety value can add for ducting installation and production installation. 

Room Dew Point Temperature, Summer : İt is Room Dew Point Temperature, Summer. İt is calculationing according to Room Dry Bulb Temperature of Summer and Relative Humidy. 

Device Dew Point Temperature (ESHF line) : İt is Device Dew Point Temperature, Summer. Only, you can find this value from pscyhometric chart or Carrier book gives a table for some temperature, which has been found on chart.
For this reason, l added values for some summer room temperature which is 24 C and 26 C with % 50 relative humidity. 

Blowing Temperature (Tb >Tddp) : Blowing temperature must be greater than device dew point temperature for not to be condensation. You need to write this value according to this. 

Relative Humidity of Air Blowing (Usually:90) : İt is associated with by-pass ratio. And it is usually 90. 

Ducting Heat Loss,Temperature Difference (Usually:1 C) : it can add for ducting installation, may be leak in ducts. Usually, it is 1 C for well-insulated ducts. But it you can add this heat loss into the Room heat gain, this value need to be 0 C. 

Selected Units Air Flow According To Calculatet Air Flow : This Air Handling Units program is calculationing Air Flow Value. But your select device may have a different value. For this, you can select device Air Flow Value is greater than Calculating Air Flow Value. 

Fresh Air Amount, From Outside : İf you use %100 Fresh Air Handling Units, you need to write selected units air flow. İf you use %50, it need to write selected air flow × 0,50. İf you use %30, it need to write selected air flow × 0,30. Etc.. 

2. System
3. Equations
4. Reference

This Excel sheet Designed By:
"Omer Faruk D"

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