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HVAC Instant Answers is meant to provide both theoretical background and principles of operation of equipment, while at the same time giving the reader a practical means for quickly solving problems. The basic philosophy of this guidebook is to work backwards from the effects of a problem, hopefully eliminating many false leads along the way. We have tried to reach a compromise between solutions that are too simplistic or too complicated. It is emphasized that more often than not the cause of a control or equipment problem may not be in the obvious place. The key point is to identify what is causing the building occupants to express concern.

About the Authors
Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview
Chapter 2: Air and Ducts
Chapter 3: Water, Steam, and Pipes
Chapter 4: Electricity and Wiring
Chapter 5: Measurement and Control
Chapter 6: Pumps and Valves
Chapter 7: Water Distribution Systems
Chapter 8: Chillers
Chapter 9: Air-Cooled Condensers and Cooling Towers
Chapter 10: Thermal Energy Storage Systems
Chapter 11: Boilers
Chapter 12: Steam Distribution Systems
Chapter 13: Fans and Dampers
Chapter 14: Air-Handling Units
Chapter 15: Air Distribution Systems
Chapter 16: Zone Terminal Systems
Chapter 17: Evaporative Cooling
Chapter 18: Residential Systems
Appendix A: Tools for the Technician
Appendix B: Using Multimeters

Author Details
"Peter Curtiss"

"Newton Breth"

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