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Introduction to AutoCAD 2010: (2D and 3D Design)

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The purpose of writing this book is to produce a text suitable for students in Further and/or Higher Education who are required to learn how to use the CAD software package AutoCAD 2010. Students taking examinations based on computer-aided design will fi nd the contents of the book of great assistance. The book is also suitable for those in industry wishing to learn how to construct technical drawings with the aid of AutoCAD 2010 and those who, having used previous releases of
AutoCAD, wish to update their skills to AutoCAD 2010.

The chapters in Part 1 – 2D Design, dealing with two-dimensional (2D) drawing, will also be suitable for those wishing to learn how to use AutoCAD LT 2010, the two-dimensional (2D) version of this latest release of AutoCAD.

Part 1: 2D Design
Chapter 1: Introducing AutoCAD 2010
Chapter 2: Introducing drawing
Chapter 3: Draw tools, Object Snap and Dynamic Input
Chapter 4: Zoom, pan and templates
Chapter 5: The Modify tools
Chapter 6: Dimensions and Text
Chapter 7: Orthographic and Isometric
Chapter 8: Hatching
Chapter 10: Other types of file format
Chapter 11: Sheet sets
Part 2: 3D Design
Chapter 12: Introducing 3D modelling
Chapter 13: 3D models in viewports
Chapter 14: The modifi cation of 3D models
Chapter 15: Rendering
Chapter 16: Building drawing
Chapter 17: Three-dimensional space
Chapter 18: Editing 3D solid models
Chapter 19: Other features of 3D modelling
Part 3: Internet tools and design
Chapter 20: Internet Tools and Help
Chapter 21: Design and AutoCAD 2010
Part 4: Appendices
Appendix A: List of tools
Appendix B: Some set variables

Author Details
"Alf Yarwood"

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