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Introduction to Engineering Mechanics A Continuum Approach (2nd Edition)


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 This book is intended to provide a unified introduction to solid and fluidmechanics, and to convey the underlying principles of continuum mechanics to undergraduates. We assume that the students using this book have taken courses in calculus, physics, and vector analysis. By demonstrating both the connections and the distinctions between solid and fluid mechanics, this book will prepare students for further study in either field or in fields such as bioengineering that blur traditional disciplinary boundaries.

The use of a continuum approach to make connections between solid and fluid mechanics is typically provided only to advanced undergraduates and graduate students. This book introduces the concepts of stress and strain in the continuum context, showing the relationships between solid and fluid behavior and the mathematics that describe them. It is an introductory textbook in strength of materials and in fluid mechanics and also includes the mathematical connective tissue between these fields. We have decided to begin with the aha! of continuum mechanics rather than requiring students to wait for it.

1. Introduction
2. Strain and Stress in One Dimension
3. Case Study 1: Collapse of the Kansas City Hyatt Regency Walkways
4. Strain and Stress in Higher Dimensions
5. Applying Strain and Stress in Multiple Dimensions
6. Case Study 2: Pressure Vessels
7. Beams
8. Case Study 3: Physiological Levers and Repairs
9. Beam Deflections
10. Case Study 4: Truss-Braced Airplane Wings
11. Instability: Column Buckling
12. Case Study 5: Hartford Civic Arena
13. Connecting Solid and Fluid Mechanics
14. Case Study 6: Mechanics of Biomaterials
15. Case Study 7: Engineered Composite Materials
16. Fluid Statics
17. Case Study 8: St. Francis Dam
18. Fluid Dynamics: Governing Equations
19. Case Study 9: China’s Three Gorges Dam,
20. Fluid Dynamics: Applications
21. Case Study 10: Living withWater, and the Role of Technological Culture
22. Solid Dynamics: Governing Equations 
Appendix A: Second Moments of Area
Appendix B: A Quick Look at the del Operator
Appendix C: Property Tables
Appendix D: All the Equations

Author Details
"Jenn Stroud Rossmann"

"Clive L. Dym"

"Lori Bassman"

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