Thursday, February 7, 2019

Lecture Note's On Psychrometry A Trane Air Conditioning Clinic

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The term air conditioning means treating of air or conditioning the air to change its temperature or the moisture as per the requirements of various applications. Air conditioners are used throughout the world for a number of applications and one just can’t imagine the life without them. They are the devices or machine that condition or alter the state of the air by changing its temperature and the humidity level. Though you may have read about the various types of air conditioning systems, you may have hardly bothered about reading the various constituents of the air and what changes occur in them that lead to reduction in the temperature of the air and changes in its humidity.
period one: The Psychrometric Chart
period two: Air Mixtures
period three: Sensible Heat Ratio
period four: Air Quantity
period five: Tons of Refrigeration
period six: Psychrometric Analyses
period seven: Review

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