Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Making Clocks (Workshop Practice)

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An introduction to the world of horology for the complete beginner. It explains the terminology of the clockmaker and provides general details of clock construction including layout of wheels and escapements, all of which are described and illustrated. The making of wheels, pinions, escapements, plates, pendulums, weights, cases, hands and faces is discussed. The necessary tools and equipment are described, with details of how to make specialised items and choice of most suitable materials for their construction.

Chapter 1: History

Chapter 2: The frame
Chapter 3: Three Providing The Power
Chapter 4: Pendulums
Chapter 5: Escapements
Chapter 6: The going Train & Motion Work
Chapter 7: Dividing 
Chapter 8: Wheeles and Pinions 
Chapter 9: Finishing
Chapter 10: Faces, Hands and Cases

Author Details
"Stan Bray"

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