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Process Control & Instrumentation (Objective Questions With Answers)

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01. A bolometer is
(A) Used for the measurement of thermal radiation
(B) An element which senses optical input and delivers thermal output
(C) Both (A) & (B)
(D) Neither (A) nor (B)
Answer: Option C

02. The frequency at which maximum amplitude ratio is attained is called the __________ frequency.
(A) Corner
(B) Resonant
(C) Cross-over
(D) Natural
Answer: Option B

03. The time constant of a first order process with resistance R and capacitance C is
(A) R + C
(B) R - C
(C) RC
(D) 1/RC
Answer: Option C

04. Thermocouple is suitable for measuring
(A) Liquid temperatures only
(B) Very high temperatures only
(C) Very low temperatures only
(D) Both high and low temperatures
Answer: Option D

05. Very low pressure is expressed in microns (μ), which is equal to __________ mm of Hg column (absolute) at 0°C.
(A) 0.0001
(B) 0.001
(C) 0.01
(D) 0.1
Answer: Option B

06. For the time domain function f(t) = t, the Laplace transform of ∫0t f(t) dt is given by
(A) 1/2 S3
(B) 2/S3
(C) 1/S3
(D) 2/S2
Answer: Option C

07. Phase margin is equal to
(A) 180° - phase lag
(B) Phase lag - 180°
(C) Phase lag + 180°
(D) Phase lag + 90°
Answer: Option A

08. Working principle of mercury in glass thermometer is based on the __________ of mercury with increase in temperature.
(A) Increase of pressure
(B) Increase of thermal conductivity
(C) Volumetric expansion
(D) Differential linear expansion
Answer: Option C

09. Continuous flue gas analyser makes use of paramagnetic properties of some of its constituents, which move towards the strongest part of the magnetic field thus displacing diamagnetic gases. Which of the following gases is diamagnetic?
(A) CO2
(B) O2
(C) NO
(D) NO2
Answer: Option A

10. Change of angle of refraction with composition comprises the working principle of a
(A) Polarimeter
(B) Polarograph
(C) Spectrometer
(D) Refractometer
Answer: Option D

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