Thursday, February 28, 2019

Python Web Development with Django

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Greetings, and welcome to Django! We’re glad to have you along on our journey.You will discover a powerful Web application framework that lets you do everything rapidly—from designing and developing the original application to updating its features and functionality without requiring major changes to the codebase.

Several Django books are already on the market, but ours differs from most in that we focus equally on three areas: Django basics, a variety of example applications, and advanced Django topics. Our intent is to make this the most well-rounded book on the subject, one you find useful regardless of background, and which will give you a complete picture of the framework and what you can do with it.

Where Web Frameworks Come From
A Better Way
We’re Not in Kansas Anymore
Web Development Is Better with Python and Django
I: Getting Started
1. Practical Python for Django
2. Django for the Impatient: Building a Blog
3. Starting Out
II: Django in Depth4. Defining and Using Models
5. URLs, HTTP Mechanisms, and Views
6. Templates and Form Processing
III: Django Applications by Example7. Photo Gallery
8. Content Management System
9. Liveblog
10. Pastebin
IV: Advanced Django Techniques and Features11. Advanced Django Programming
12. Advanced Django Deployment
V: AppendicesA. Command Line Basics
B. Installing and Running Django
C. Tools for Practical Django Development
D. Finding, Evaluating, and Using Django
E. Django on the Google App Engine
F. Getting Involved in the Django Project

Author Details
"Jeff Forcier"

"Paul Bissex"

"Wesley Chun"

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