Thursday, February 28, 2019

Security Software Development (Assessing and Managing Security Risks)

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Application security is a relatively new, yet very exciting field. It is being driven by a number of open source, government, regulatory, and industry organizations, but the need for application security is, sadly enough, the fact that software continues to be developed that isn’t secure. For example, buffer overflows continue to plague software development despite the fact that buffer overflows and the methods for preventing them have been known for more than 20 years. The author believes that the primary reasons that secure software hasn’t been developed lies with two factors:

*First, software development teams have not been sufficiently NN trained in how to identify vulnerabilities associated with their software development projects.

*Second, software development teams falsely believe that if perimeter security controls are in place, then the software they develop will also be secure, or at least will not affect the perimeter security.

Author Biography
1. Current Trends in Application Security
2. Security Risk Assessment Methodologies
3. Identifying Assets
4. Identifying Security Threats
5. Identifying Vulnerabilities
6. Analyzing Security Risks.
7. Managing Security Risks
8. Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation Activities in the SDLC
9. Maintaining a Security Risk Assessment and Risk Management Process

Author Details
"Douglas A. Ashbaugh"

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