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Teach Yourself JAVA in 21 Days

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This book teaches you all about the Java language and how to use it to create applets and applications. By the time you get through with this book, you’ll know enough about Java to do just about anything, inside an applet or out.

The World Wide Web, for much of its existence, has been a method for distributing passive information to a widely distributed number of people. The Web has, indeed, been exceptionally good for that purpose. With the addition of forms and image maps, Web pages began to become interactive—but the interaction was often simply a new way to get at the same information. The limitations of Web distribution were all too apparent once designers began to try to stretch the boundaries of what the Web can do. Even other innovations, such as Netscape’s server push to create dynamic animations, were merely clever tricks layered on top of a framework that wasn’t built to support much other than static documents with images and text.

Week 1. at a Glance
Day 1. An Introduction to Java Programming
2. Object-Oriented Programming and Java
3. Java Basics
4. Working with Objects
5. Arrays, Conditionals, and Loops
6. Creating Classes and Applications in Java
7. More About Methods
Week 2 at a GlanceDay 8. Java Applet Basics
9. Graphics, Fonts, and Color
10. Simple Animation and Threads
11. More Animation, Images, and Sound
12. Managing Simple Events and Interactivity
13. User Interfaces with the Java Abstract Windowing Toolkit
14. Windows, Networking, and Other Tidbits
Week 3. at a Glance
Day 15. Modifiers
16. Packages and Interfaces
17. Exceptions
18. Multithreading
19. Streams
20. Native Methods and Libraries
21. Under the Hood
A. Language Summary
B. The Java Class Library
C. How Java Differs from C and C++
D. How Java Differs from C and C++

Author Details
"Laura Lemay"

"Charles L. Perkins"

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