Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Art and Science of Java

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This text is an early draft for a general introductory textbook in computer science—a Java-based version of my 1995 textbook The Art and Science of C. My hope is that I can use much of the existing material in writing the new book, although quite a bit of the material and overall organization have to change. At this point, the material is still in a preliminary form, and the feedback I get from those of you who are taking this course will almost certainly lead to some changes before the book is published.

1. Introduction
2. Programming by Example
3. Expressions
4. Statement Forms
5. Methods
6. Objects and Classes
7. The Object Memory Model
8. Object-Oriented Graphics
9. Strings and Characters
10. Arrays and ArrayLists
11. Searching and Sorting

Author Details
"Eric S. Roberts" 
Stanford University
Stanford, California

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