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The Art of Welding

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The art of welding wrought iron has been practised by village smiths in their forge fires for centuries; many beautiful examples of their work remain, most commonly in wrought iron gates which can be seen in almost all historic buildings in many countries. Gas and electric arc welding are, however, comparatively recent developments and in the Introduction their history is briefly outlined.

This book (The Art of Welding, for I maintain that it is an art) does not set out to be an exhaustive treatise on the subject but more of a useful discussion of a process ever more widely used and developed in industry, in an easily read and understood form for the novice, who may never actually have seen a welding blowpipe or electric arc being used. It is thus written in as nontechnical
a way as is consistent with clarity, steering clear of jargon as far as possible.

Chapter 1: Welding by the Oxy-Acetylene Process (Gas Welding)
Chapter 2: Exercises with Mild Steel
Chapter 3: Gas Welding Other Metals
Chapter 4: Brazing
Chapter 5: Oxy-flame Cutting
Chapter 6: Arc Welding
Chapter 7: Exercises in Welded Joints
Chapter 8: Cast Iron and Stainless Steel
Chapter 9: Pipe Welding
Chapter 10: Vertical and Overhead Welding of Mild Steel
Chapter 11: Building up and Reinforcement
Chapter 12: Resistance Welding
Chapter 13: T.I.G. and M.I.G. Welding
Appendix 1. Weld Symbols
Appendix 2. Aids to Assembly
Appendix 3. Welding Defects

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"W. A. Vause"

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