Thursday, February 28, 2019

Useful Workshop Tools (Workshop Practice)

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In this follow-up to Making Small Workshop Tools (Workshop Practice Series No.14), the former editor of Model Engineer's Workshop magazine presents another collection of fifteen invaluable additions to the model engineer's armoury of tools and equipment. This practical collection covers benchwork, the lathe and milling operations and includes marking-out and machining aids plus a simple filing machine and an unusual milling vice. Fully dimensioned drawings, descriptive text and photographs accompany each project in the book.

Section 1: Benchwork
1. Micrometer Stand
2. Finger Plates
3. Depth Gauges
4. Finger Clamps
5. Cross Drilling Jigs
6. A Filing Machine
Section 2: The Lathe
1. Setting Up Aid
2. A Hand Turning Rest
3. Small Slotting Tool
4. External Chuck Stop
5. Internal Chuch Stop
6. Rear Mounted Tool Posts
7. Tailstock Mounted Knurling Tool
8. Self Releasing Mandrel Handle
Section 3: Milling
1. An Improved Milling Vice

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"Stan Bray"

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