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Android Game Programming For Dummies

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There’s something special about games. The best games, the ones we remember, don’t just relieve our boredom from time to time. They teach us new things, stretch our brains, or make us feel happy, excited, and sometimes angry! Social games can even bring us closer to our friends and family. We all have games that we think of fondly, that added something to our lives. Now, with the advent of smartphones, we can carry that experience around in our pockets and purses.

I still remember when my parents hooked up our first video game, Pong, to the family television. At the time that luminescent “ball” traversing the blurry screen was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. I’ve played a lot of games on a lot of platforms in the intervening years, but when my friend Philip gifted me with the first Android phone, the G1, I was skeptical that it would make a very good gaming platform. Who wants to play games by staring at a tiny screen on a device whose primary function is to make phone calls? Then again, the iPhone had by that time already proven that people were not only willing to play games on their smartphones, they were absolutely ravenous for games on their smartphones.

When the Android market launched, it took a little while to get some traction. I developed and published some of the first games on the market, when not many other developers were flocking to the platform. The G1 was a clunky, first-generation device, they said. It’ll never compete with the iPhone, they said. Open platforms are never good for gaming, they said. Well, I was able to make enough games that generated enough income to let me develop for Android full-time. And the platform has come a long way in the meantime; now Google doesn’t have a problem attracting game developers.

When I was approached to write this book, I jumped at the chance to write about a subject that blends my two passions of gaming and programming. I’m guessing you share those passions as well, and want to make cool, compelling games. I’m going to help you make that happen.

Part I: Adopting the Android Gaming Mindset
Chapter 1: Getting to Know Android Gaming
Chapter 2: Designing Your Game
Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Development Environment
Part II: Starting to Program
Chapter 4: Dissecting an Android App
Part III: Making Your First Game: Crazy Eights
Chapter 5: Creating a Simple Title Screen
Chapter 6: Creating a Basic Play Screen
Chapter 7: Finishing Your First Game
Part IV: Moving On to Your Second Game: Whack-a-Mole
Chapter 8: Creating a Complex Title Screen
Chapter 9: Creating an Animated Play Screen
Chapter 10: Storing and Retrieving Game Information
Part V: Managing Your Game in the Market
Chapter 11: Making Money with Your Game
Chapter 12: Publishing and Updating Your Game 
Part VI:The Part of Tens
Chapter 13: Ten Open-Source Game Projects
Chapter 14: Ten Game Engines and Tools 
Chapter 15: Ten More Places to Distribute Your Game
Chapter 16: Ten Websites for Android Game Developers

Author Details
Derek James is the founder and owner of Polyclef Software, one of the most successful Android indie game developers on Google Play. His apps and games have garnered over 1 million combined
downloads, with multiple games receiving four-star or better ratings and holding top-ranking positions in their categories for many months.

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