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CCNA Certification All in One For Dummies

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The CCNA certification will serve as a basic foundation for a number of other certifications that you may pursue. The exam tests your knowledge of CCNA hardware and software used in today’s computer world, and the certification is one of the most popular certifications for IT professionals to prove their hardware and software knowledge.

This book is designed to be a hands-on, practical guide to help you pass the CCNA exam. This book is written in a way that helps you understand complex technical content and prepares you to apply that knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Book I: Networking Basics.
Chapter 1: Introducing Computer Networks.
Chapter 2: The OSI Reference Model.
Chapter 3: Introducing the TCP/IP Protocol Suite.
Chapter 4: Data Encapsulation.
Chapter 5: Binary, Hexadecimal, and Decimal Numbering Systems.
Chapter 6: Local-Area Networks (LANs).
Chapter 7: Introducing Wide-Area Networks (WANs).
Chapter 8: Introducing Wireless Networks.
Chapter 9: Network Design.
Chapter 10: Introducing Cisco Hardware and Software.
Book II: TCP/IP.
Chapter 1: Introducing TCP/IP.
Chapter 2: TCP/IP Layers and Protocols.
Chapter 3: IP Addressing.
Chapter 4: Subnetting.
Chapter 5: Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6).
Book III: Switching with Cisco Switches.
Chapter 1: Introducing Layer 2 Switches.
Chapter 2: Managing a Switch Using Cisco IOS.
Chapter 3: Controlling Network Traffi c with Cisco Switches.
Chapter 4: Spanning Tree Protocol (STP).
Chapter 5: Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs).
Chapter 6: Voice over IP (VoIP).
Chapter 7: Troubleshooting a Switch Using Cisco IOS.
Book IV: Routing with Cisco Routers.
Chapter 1: Introducing Layer 3 Routers.
Chapter 2: Managing a Router Using Cisco IOS.
Chapter 3: Network Routing.
Chapter 4: Routing Information Protocol (RIP).
Chapter 5: Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP).
Chapter 6: Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Protocol.
Book V: Wireless Networks.
Chapter 1: Introducing Wireless Networks.
Chapter 2: Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Security.
Chapter 3: Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Operation Modes.
Chapter 4: Managing Cisco Wireless Local Area Networks.
Chapter 5: Confi guring Cisco Wireless Local Area Networks.
Book VI: Network Security.
Chapter 1: Network Security Basics.
Chapter 2: Introducing IP Access Lists (IP ACLs).
Chapter 3: Introducing Network Address Translation (NAT).
Chapter 4: Introducing Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).
Book VII: Wide Area Networks (WAN).
Chapter 1: Wide-Area Networking Basics.
Chapter 2: HDLC (High-Level Data Link Control) Protocol.
Chapter 3: PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol).
Chapter 4: Frame Relay.
Appendix A: About the CD.
Appendix B: Cisco CCNA Exam Preperation.

Author Details
"Silviu Angelescu" has been a network and software engineer, consultant, and technical trainer for more than a decade at various high-tech companies and academic institutions. Currently an engineer and trainer at NetApp, he has worked for Computer Associates, CGI, Dawson College, and the University of Montreal.

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