Saturday, March 30, 2019

Design Manual For Tankyard Piping

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This Manual has its purpose on increasing efficiency for piping design of tankyard in a plant designed by SECL and providing uniformity.

This Manual is applicable to the piping design around storage tank which is included in the offsite facilities of plant designed by SECL. But, if the Job specification (client's request or contract contents) and contents of this manual disagrees, primarily apply the Job specification.

1. General
 1.1 Purpose
1.2 Scope
1.3 Reference
2. Type of Tank
 2.1 Classification by Shape of Tank
2.2 Classification by Installing Method of Tank
3. Arrangement Plan
3.1 Tank
3.2 Dike
3.3 Pipe Rack and Sleeper
3.4 Pump Station
3.5 Stair Way
3.6 Drainage
4. Tankyard Piping
4.1 Process and Utility Piping
4.2 Fire Extinguishing Piping
5. Tank Nozzle Orientation
5.1 Cylindrical Tank
5.2 Spherical Tank
5.3 Horizontal Tank
6. Revision History

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