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Engineering & Piping Design Guide (Fiber Glass Systems)

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Fiber Glass Systems’(FGS) fiberglass reinforced epoxy and  vinyl ester resin piping systems possess excellent corrosion resistance and a combination of mechanical and physical properties that offer many advantages over traditional piping systems. Fiber Glass Systems is recognized worldwide as a leading supplier of piping systems for a wide range of chemical and industrial applications.

This manual is provided as a reference resource for some of the specific properties of FGS piping systems. It is not intended to be a substitute for sound engineering practices as normally employed by professional design engineers. Fiber Glass Systems has an international network of distributors and trained field personnel to advise on proper installation techniques. It is recommended they be consulted for assistance when installing FGS piping systems. This not only enhances the integrity of the piping system, but also increases the efficiency and economy of the installation.

Piping System Selection
SECTION 1 — Flow Properties
SECTION 2 — Above Ground System Design Using Supports, Anchors & Guides
SECTION 3 — Temperature Effects
SECTION 4 — Pipe Burial
SECTION 5 — Other Considerations
SECTION 6 — Specifications and Approvals
Appendix A.
Useful Formulas
Appendix B.

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