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J2EE and XML Development

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This book is about building better applications with Java 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and XML technology. It teaches you how, where, and when to use XML in your J2EE system. It categorizes and explains many recent Java and XML technology developments and suggests ways in which a J2EE application can utilize them.

J2EE and XML are each substantial technologies in their own right. Applications that use them together can realize the benefits of both. J2EE enables the creation of robust and flexible application logic. XML enables powerful data storage, manipulation, and messaging. A J2EE application that makes proper use of XML is one of the most robust component-based systems that you can build. Beyond identifying areas where XML can play a role in a J2EE application, this book also discusses important tradeoffs to be considered when choosing to build a J2EE application with XML over pure J2EE. The potential drawbacks of using each proposed XML technology are compared with its benefits, allowing you to make an informed decision about its use.

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1. Getting started
2. XML and Java
3. Application development
4. Application integration
5. User interface development
6. Case study
appendix A. Design patterns for J2EE and XML
appendix B. Distributed application security
appendix C. The Ant build tool

Author Details
"KURT GABRICK" is a software architect and developer specializing in server-side Java technologies and distributed systems. He has designed and developed numerous systems using J2EE and XML technology for a diverse group of Fortune 1000 clients.

"DAVE WEISS" is an IT architect specializing in use case driven, object-oriented development with Java and XML. Dave has worked for multiple professional services companies, where he was responsible for software development methodology and training programs, as well as leading distributed systems development projects.

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