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Java and XML Data Binding

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XML data binding. Yes, it's yet another Java and XML API. Haven't we seen enough of this by now? If you don't like SAX or DOM, you can use JDOM or dom4j. If they don't suit you, SOAP and WSDL provide some neat features. But then there is JAXP, JAXR, and XML-RPC. If you just can't get the swing of those, perhaps RSS, portlets, Cocoon, Barracuda, XMLC, or JSP with XML-based tag libraries is the way to go.

The point of that ridiculous opening is that you, as a developer, should expect some justification for buying yet another XML book, on yet another XML API. The market seems flooded with books like this, and the torrent has yet to slow down. And while I realize that I use circular reasoning when insisting that this API is important (I did write this book on it), that's just what I'm going to do.

XML data binding has taken the XML world by storm. Thousands of programmers simply threw up their hands trying to track SAX, DOM, JDOM, dom4J, JAXP, and the rest. It's become increasingly difficult to parse a silly little XML document, rather than increasingly simple. If it's not namespaces that get you, it's whitespace. Is that carriage return after my element name significant? Well, it depends on whether you specify a DTD; oh, you used an XML Schema? Well, we don't support that yet. I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Table of Content
Conventions Used in This Book
Comments and Questions
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Theory and Concepts
Chapter 3. Generating Classes
Chapter 4. Unmarshalling
Chapter 5. Marshalling
Chapter 6. Binding Schemas
Chapter 7. Zeus
Chapter 8. Castor
Chapter 9. Quick
Chapter 10. Looking Forward
Appendix A. Tools Reference
Appendix B. Quick Source Files

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"Brett McLaughlin"

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