Thursday, March 21, 2019

Lecture Notes on Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

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Course Objectives: 
* Developments of software computer interface in design of various elements
* Use of software for manufacturing
* Automation of manufacturing methods

Course Contents:
Module - I
Fundamentals of CAD:
The design process, applications of computer for design, creating the Manufacturing, Database, The design workstation, Graphical Terminal, Operator input Devices, Plotters and other devices, the CPU secondary storage [8]
Module - II
Computer graphics Software and Database:
Configuration, Graphics Packages, Constructing the Geometry, transformations, Database structure and content, wire frame versus solid modeling [8]
Module - III
CAM – Introduction, Numerical Control and NC Part Programming:
NC Coordinate system, NC motion control system, Economics of NC, Manual and Computer Aid Programming, the APT language, NC programming with interactive graphics [12]
Module - IV
Problems with conventional NC, NC technology:
CNC, DNC combined DNC/CNC system, Adopter control manufacturing systems, Computer Integrated manufacturing system, Machine Tools and related Equipment, Materials Handling and Storage system, computer system [12]

Author Details
"Dr. Sarojrani Pattnaik" Associate Professor" Mechanical Engineering Department Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology Burla

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