Thursday, March 21, 2019

Lecture Notes on Machine Design: By "Dr. Mihir Kumar Sutar"

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Module - I
1. Theories of failure:
Application of theories of failure to practical problems, dynamic stresses and stress concentration, design of machine members based on fatigue consideration, (Soderberg and Goodman criteria) notch sensitivity, S. C. F. (10)

Module - II
2. Design of engine components:
Cylinders, piston, connecting rod, flywheel, crank shaft and valve.(10)

Module - III
3. Design of transmission components-:
clutches(friction and centrifugal type), straight and helical spur gears, bevel gears and worm gears.(10)

Module - IV
4. Design of journal bearings based on hydrodynamic theory of lubrication, types of ball and roller bearing, dynamics and static load rating, selection of ball and roller bearings, properties of lubricants, viscosity and oiliness.(10)

Author Details
"Dr. Mihir Kumar Sutar" Asst. Professor Mechanical Engineering Department VSSUT Burla

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