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Linx Duct Friction Calculator Excel Sheet

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1. Instruction

2. Linx Duct Size Calculator
3. Duct Calculator
4. Flat Oval to Round
5. Number of Conduits @ equal velocity
6. Duct Diameter
7. SMACNA 2005 standards for +10 iwg and nominal weight lb/sf

How to use this Excel Sheet :-

  • None of the cells are locked or protected. Keep a backup copy.
  • YELLOW boxes indicate where you can input numerical values as deemed necessary
  • All pressure drops are expressed in inches water gauge per 100 linear feet unless user redefines "Length"
  • Calculations are based upon ASHRAE 1993 Fundamentals, Chapter 32, Duct Design
  • Temperature, barometric pressure, elevation, air density, and conduit roughness coefficients are all user definable .

  1. TAB "Rect to FO & Round" calculates equivalent flat oval and round for a given rectangular duct cross section
  2. TAB "Rect to FO & Round" calculates multiple round conduits based upon "equal friction" and "equal velocity"
  3. TAB "Flat Oval Tables" tabulate Lindab's published standards
  4. TAB "Calculator" is a stand alone calculator for rectangular, flat oval, and round
  5. TAB "Flat Oval to Round" is a stand alone calculator to convert flat oval to equivalent round
  6. TABS "Equal Velocity" and "Equal deltaP" is used to make calculations for "Rectangular to FO & Round"
  7. TAB "Weights" is used to make calculations for "Rectangular to FO & Round"

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