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Pipe Hangers and Supports

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We provide expertise and product solutions for a wide range of applications, from plumbing, mechanical, HVAC, industrial and fire protection to mining, oil and gas. Our comprehensive line of products includes: grooved pipe couplings, grooved and plain-end fittings, valves, cast and malleable iron fittings, forged steel fittings, steel pipe nipples and couplings, pipe hangers and supports, channel and strut fittings, mining and oil field fittings, along with much more.

As an additional benefit to our customers, Anvil offers a complete and comprehensive Design Services Analysis for mechanical equipment rooms, to help you determine the most effective and cost-efficient piping solutions.

Anvil is a proud member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Go to the Anvil website to obtain manufacturer recycled certificates and other Green information.

1. General Notes
2. Copper Tubing Hangers
3. CPVC Pipe Hangers
4. Pipe Rings
5. Clevis
6. Steel Pipe Clamps
7. Socket Clamps
8. Beam Clamps
9. Structural Attachments
10. Brackets
11. Ceiling Plates & Ceiling Flanges
12. Concrete Inserts & Attachments
13. Hanger Rods
14. Rod Attachments
15. Bolts, Nuts, Pins & U-Bolts
16. Straps

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