Saturday, March 2, 2019

Seven Databases in Seven Weeks

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It has been said that data is the new oil. If this is so, then databases are the fields, the refineries, the drills, and the pumps. Data is stored in databases, and if you’re interested in tapping into it, then coming to grips with the modern equipment is a great start.

Databases are tools; they are the means to an end. Each database has its own story and its own way of looking at the world. The more you understand them, the better you will be at harnessing the latent power in the ever-growing corpus of data at your disposal.

1. Introduction
2. PostgreSQL
3. Riak
4. HBase
5. MongoDB
6. CouchDB
7. Neo4J
8. Redis
9. Wrapping Up
A1. Database Overview Tables
A2. The CAP Theorem

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"Eric Redmond"

"Jim R. Wilson"

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